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Very inspired byAndrews Sisters, The Chordettes, Puppini Sistersand many others,Swing Birdsspecialize in the technique of close harmony, made famous in the 1940s.

In this repertoire they also include popular modern music rearranged in vintage musical styles (post modern jukebox).


The group ofSwing Birdswas built in 2020 through encounters, at the crossroads of rich musical styles and at the crossroads of rhythmic personalities:


Mathilde De Carne, singer with a voice as brilliant as it is powerful whose lyricism will transport you,

Alice Pech, an opera singer but also a musical singer whose groove and energy energize the public.

Morgane Dessislava, whose jazzy and languorous tone completes the trio so that the magic works.


Three singers, three personalities from different worlds, united by a passion for singing and swing, and eager to share this passion with the public.

The Swing Birds - Teaser 2022

The Swing Birds - Teaser 2022

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